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28 Apr 2018 18:35
We were delighted to see young engineers immediately adopting the benefits of dynamically adaptive networks developâ€…Dc
28 Apr 2018 18:31
Our @InfraSenseLabs stand ready for #impfest @ImperialCiveng. We present the design and control of the first dynamiâ€…Fk
27 Apr 2018 17:05
Final preparations for the InfraSense Labs team for #impfest @imperialcollege @ImperialCiveng. We look forward to sâ€…Qy
16 Feb 2018 15:49
RT @UtilityWeekLive: Congratulations to @BristolWater, Cla-Val & Imperial College London on being recognised as a finalist for Water Resili…
16 Feb 2018 14:58
Delighted that our fundamental and applied research in dynamically adaptive water distribution networks, carried ouâ€…YR
31 Jan 2018 18:32
RT @thameswater: We’ve sent tankers to pump more water into the network to help water supply in the area and will have everything returned…
31 Jan 2018 18:29
RT @thameswater: As we start to get into the evening commute, it’s advisable to find alternative routes as Goldhawk Road remains partially…
28 Jan 2018 19:11
RT @thameswater: Following last night's burst in #Hammersmith, we've had a large team in the area today supporting affected customers, clea…
28 Jan 2018 19:10
Poor pressure control and transients. Time to get better understanding of the hydraulic conditions and failure mechâ€…eH
23 Dec 2017 01:30
A celebratory end to 2017. The InfraSense Lans team getting into the Christmas mood with a very special visit toâ€…n6
8 Dec 2017 09:57
Well done @kelsey_innovate. It has been a great learning experience founding @Inflowmatix with your support.…
6 Dec 2017 08:59
RT @Ofwat: It’s important that water companies reduce the impact on climate change #moreofwhatmatters
29 Nov 2017 16:02
Technologies for resilient and dynamically adaptive water supply networks by the InfraSense Labs at display atâ€…qS
29 Nov 2017 15:57
Our InfraSense Labs team excited to participate in #ImperialCivEng2017
17 Nov 2017 19:21
RT @Ofwat: #Water companies – we’re challenging you to save up to 170 billion litres of water a year by targeting leaks! #moreofwhatmatters…
24 Mar 2017 15:22
RT @leiastarspear: The role of customers as active participants in water sector…
1 Oct 2016 16:37
The leakage in London = the water supply of a city twice the size of Birmingham!
1 Oct 2016 16:34
From high-tech science to the power of communicating science
1 Oct 2016 16:30
RT @Grantham_IC: The challenge of networked water distribution. And how much is wasted... #impfringe
30 May 2016 17:03
Imperial Innovations Group has led a £3m series A funding round in…K
9 Dec 2015 12:07
Inflowmatix Appoints CEO and Other Industry Experts to Senior Management Team via @Reuters
25 Oct 2015 13:07
InfraSense Labs has licensed its TS technology for monitoring and analysing the flow dynamics of networks to